Polarium Solar Inverter Interface (SII)

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  • Communication Versatility: SII supports multiple protocols for seamless integration.
  • CAN and ModBus Compatibility: Connects with SLB48 batteries and Victron & SMA inverters.
  • Smooth Start-Up: Ensures a smooth start-up sequence and limits inrush current.
  • Inrush Current Control: Prevents sudden power surges during start-up.
  • Mobile App Integration: Convenient access to battery information via app.
  • Battery-Powered Operation: Draws power directly from the battery bus.
  • Safety Features: Protection against reversed polarity and site safety mechanisms.
  • Polarium Studio Mobile Application: Essential functions accessible on mobile.


Polarium Solar Inverter Interface (SII)
Product Description

Polarium Solar Inverter Interface (SII)

The Solar Inverter Interface [SII] is a key component of the Polarium battery system, designed to facilitate seamless communication and enhance operational safety between the SLB48 battery and external systems.

Communication Versatility: The SII boasts an advanced communications interface that translates the standard ModBus protocol used in Polarium batteries into a variety of communication protocols.

CAN and MODbus Compatibility: The SII communicates seamlessly with the SLB48 battery via CAN and MODbus protocols, facilitating data exchange with site controllers or Polarium Studio PC. Supports ‘managed battery’ connection with Victron & SMA inverters.

Smooth Start-Up: The SII ensures a smooth start-up sequence for connected inverters and effectively limits the inrush current during system initialization, safeguarding the equipment.

Inrush Current Control: The SII is equipped with a pre-charge contactor that effectively limits the inrush current to connected inverters during start-up, preventing sudden power surges.

Mobile App Integration: Battery information is easily accessible via a mobile app, utilizing Bluetooth connectivity. This feature enhances convenience and remote monitoring capabilities.

Battery-Powered Operation: The SII draws power directly from the battery bus, ensuring continuous functionality as long as the battery is operational. It automatically powers up when the battery voltage exceeds 30V.

Safety Features: The unit incorporates protection against reversed polarity and integrates safety mechanisms to safeguard both the product and the site.

Studio Mobile Application: Polarium Studio Mobile complements the SII by providing operators with convenient mobile-level access to essential functions. While the PC version offers advanced capabilities, Polarium Studio Mobile enables users to monitor the alarm system and site information via Bluetooth or cloud data sources. To access the mobile app, search for "Polarium Studio" on the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

The Solar Inverter Interface [SII] aligns with Polarium's core values of safety, simplicity, strength, intelligence, security, and sustainability. It enhances communication and operational safety while promoting efficient and reliable energy management.


Product Specifications


Input Power

Power Input

Bus bar or cable connections to the battery power terminals

Operational Voltage

30-65 V

Auto Start Voltage

30 V

Shutdown Voltage

29 V



SNMPV2, can set SNMP traps Modbus TCP/IP, remote update of firmware

RJ45, 8 COM 3

RS485/CAN (Out)

Communicates with customer defined protocols

RJ45, 8 COM 2

RS485/CAN (In)

Allows daisy chaining of the RS485 bus, allows MCU access to the CANbus

RJ45, 8 COM 1

RS485/CAN (Out)

Allows daisy chaining of the RS485 bus, allows MCU access to the CANbus. PC access (with Studio PC) to view battery status

RJ45, 8 COM 1

Bluetooth BLE

View real time battery status



Power LED Green

Power on, Bluetooth connected

Power LED Off

Power off

Power LED Flashing

Power on, Bluetooth disconnected

RJ45 LED Off

No communication

RJ45 LED Yellow

Communication problem

RJ45 LED Green

Communication ok


Operational Temperature

-20C to 60C

Ingress Protection



20% to 95% RH


ETSI 300 386, FCC Part 15, AS/NZS 4268, ETSI EN300 328, EN50663, ETSI EN 300 328

IEC 62368, IEC 60950


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