Guardian 38

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  • 38.1 kWh / 750Ah Rated Capacity @25ºC
  • 300 A Peak Charge (<1 min)
  • 250 A Discharge Current via MCCB
  • 300kg Approximate Weight
  • Industry high energy density
  • Plug and Play (Amphenol)
  • Polarium Patented CLD*
  • Inverter / Charger Agnostic
  • Maintenance Free
  • AC and DC compatible


Guardian 38
Product Description

Guardian 38

Batteries by Solar Energy Australia, the Guardian series are designed and engineered by Powerbox Australia. Made in Australia to supply power where and when you need it. SEA are bringing military / telco quality products to the residential market throughout Australia. With market leading high energy density, more energy can be stored in less space. With easy installation via the pre-wired 10.5mm Amphenol’s, dual pole isolator and 300A busbars. Connections can be changed to left, right or back of the cabinet making the overall system not only simple but looking good!

SEA Guardian has world class safety features built in. The Polarium CLD (Current limiting device) protects the battery modules under a range of conditions. The battery will never overheat and give way to thermal runaway. You can be rest assured, you have the safest battery on the market

Energy Resilience
Just like Australians, when conditions get tough, the Guardian series doesn't  up like many batteries. With the Patented CLD, the defender series will reduce the current to keep the power on while not damaging the battery at the same time

Local Support
Having been around since 1997, SEA don’t just supply a product, we work with our partners to ensure that all aspects of the installation and post sales support are catered. We back our products and customers
(Installers 100%).

Solar Energy Australia have a partner network all over Australia. Our strategic partners give us the edge in the market, offering vertical support making sure that the customer is both happy with their batteries and proud they are supporting Australian business


Product Specifications


Electrical Characteristics


Guardian 26

Guardian 38

Guardian 50

Nominal Voltage 

50.8 VDC

Rated Capacity @25ºC

25.4 kWh / 500Ah

38.1 kWh / 750 Ah

50.8 kWh / 1000Ah

End-of-Discharge Voltage (LVBD)** 

35 VDC (recommend 43.4 VDC min)

Peak Charge / Discharge Current 

200 A

300 A (<1 min)

400A (<1 min)

Limited to 250 A via MCCB

Charge Voltage for 100% SOC

58.8 VDC

Charge Voltage for 80% SOC 

56 VDC



Environmental Characteristics

Operating Temperature Charging 

0 to +50°C 

Operating Temperature Discharging

-20 to +60°C 

Storage Temperature 

-20 to +60°C 

Calendar Life @ 80% SOC 20 years

20 years

IP Rating



Thermostatically controlled

Physical Characteristics

Weight Approx. 




Dimensions (w x d x l) mm

685 (w) x 763 (d) x 1280 (h) mm


Amphenol Surlock 10.3mm (left, right or rear)
Left, right or rear to be specified at time of order

Safety & Compliance

Complies to Best Practice Guide 


Safety Standards

AS IEC62619:2017, AS/NZS 62368.1:2018,UN38.3

Circuit breaker per battery module

100 A, BMS Controlled, single pole

Battery System Circuit Breaker

2P 250A DC MCCB Ue=500VDC Icu=15kA


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