Champions of energy independence for solar-powered Australia, since 1996

Solar Energy Australia (SEA) is a team of solar power professionals on a mission to bring Australia’s solar-powered community the very best in battery storage solutions, through dynamic industry partnerships and driven dedication to customer service.

Our Mission:
Powering energy independence with technical excellence

Enabling you to live or work on solar power with true energy independence is the foundation of everything we do at Solar Energy Australia.

Drawing on over 25 years of solar energy expertise, we’ve combined the world’s best solar battery technology to deliver our mission with the Guardian Series battery storage system.

Welcome to a world-class energy solution, Australian-made.


Our Team:
Helping our partners and customers since 1996

Years of experience have shown us that we’d be nowhere without the diverse group of service-minded individuals who have put their ambition and curiosity to work for the benefit of the company and its customer base.

Why Choose Solar Energy Australia?


  • Australian owned and operated manufacturer, with many years of experience in the renewable energy sector.
  • Part of the Powerbox group of companies, who are specialists in the design and manufacture of power conversion and UPS equipment for Telecommunications, Railway, Defence and Utility applications.
  • Research & Development, Manufacturing & Warehouse facilities in Sydney, Australia.
  • Australian owned and supported warranties
  • Strategic partnership with Swedish battery manufacturer Polarium for development of BSS and BESS products for the Australian market.
  • Dedicated team of engineers to support training, installation and commissioning, and total life support.
  • Solar Energy Australia products only available through registered partner network.

An expert team passionate about your power needs

Solar Energy Australia was founded in 1996, which makes us one of the few companies in Australia that has over 25 years direct experience at the forefront of renewable energy and solar power.

But more important than all the technical battery knowledge and solar energy know-how we’ve gained over the years, is the understanding we’ve developed about what you need day to day.

Technology and skills are ever-changing, but the one constant at SEA is that we’re a team of people-people, who take the time to get to know our customers and see what solution best suits them.


Derick MartinsAdam Clements
James Rutty
General Manager

Derick Martins
National Manager – Renewables
P: 0448 333 503

Adam Clements
Business Development Manager
P: 0476 211 181


Our History

Solar Energy Australia is an Australian family-owned and operated manufacturer and technical distributor of high-quality power conversion and energy storage products. SEA forms part of the Powerbox Australia group of companies, which are specialists in the design and manufacture of power conversion and UPS equipment. 

During the 1990s, SEA successfully developed and released a range of standalone pure-sinewave inverters and inverters/chargers to support the growing off-grid market.

The development of this inverter technology, along with advancements in solar charge controllers allowed those living and working in remote environments to utilise renewable energy and significantly reduce reliance on diesel generators.

One of SEA’s first major projects was for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games where we were engaged by Ausgrid to develop a ‘grid-connected’ inverter to support and promote the greater use of renewable energy during the Games. SEA’s “Novastar” inverter was developed and used in the 407 kWp ‘Singleton Solar Farm’ and 70 kWp ‘Sydney Superdome Array projects, some of the first commercial solar projects in Australia. The inverters proved to be highly reliable and were only de-commissioned from the ‘Superdome’ in 2015.