The Guardian Series is a range of pre-assembled battery systems for off-grid & fringe of grid households and businesses.

Designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions, the Guardian Series is engineered with the highest standards of safety and performance in mind, providing a durable and long-lasting solution.

The pre-wired design of the Guardian Series reduces installation time and costs, making it an ideal choice for both new and retrofitting within existing solar installations. With an intuitive user interface and advanced monitoring capabilities, the Guardian Series is easy to use and maintain, making it an ideal choice for households and businesses alike.

Whether you’re looking to disconnect from the grid, reduce your energy costs, improve energy independence, or simply do your part for the environment, Solar Energy Australia’s Guardian Series has you covered.


Who Can Benefit From the Guardian Series?

The Guardian Series is an enabler for those households and businesses who are looking to increase their off grid / fringe of grid energy independence.

Stand-Alone Power / Back-Up

The lithium-ion battery technology has rapidly become the go-to battery technology for use in off-grid solar systems, or those requiring back-up/ UPS function. This is due to their high energy density, fast re-charge ability, long lifespan, and low maintenance requirements. Batteries can efficiently store excess solar energy production for use during low or no solar generation, providing a reliable source of energy for off-grid locations with less reliance on diesel backup.

Load Shifting

Store excess energy generated from your solar system during the day for use when energy demand exceeds solar output or at night. Use the stored energy from your battery system to shift energy consumption from high-cost peak periods to low-cost off-peak periods, reducing overall electricity costs.

Peak Shaving

Demand charges on your electricity bill are based on the highest amount of power used during a billing cycle. High demand charges are used by Energy Providers to incentivize reducing peak consumption and support grid stability, coming at a significant cost to businesses. Use stored energy from your battery system to reduce peak energy demand drawn from the grid, reducing over-all electricity costs.

Australian Made,
Australian Support

The Guardian Series has been designed, engineered, and manufactured in Australia for our unique environment. As our customer, you’ll be comprehensively covered by our transparent 10-year warranty and supported throughout the lifetime of your system.


The Guardian Series meets and exceeds all relevant safety standards and benefits from 5 layers of embedded safety protection, including the most sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS) available on the market today. In addition, each module benefits from redundancy in safety critical components and processes ensuring the Guardian is always safe even under abnormal operating conditions.


Accurately monitor key battery parameters and system performance via Bluetooth and supported inverter platforms. Know in real time how your battery system is performing with accurate State of Charge (SOC), State of Health (SOH), Current, Voltage and Temperature readings.


Wide operating temperature range, patented Current Limiting Device to prevent over-charge/discharge, integrated pre-charge circuit and ‘black start’ feature combine to equip the Guardian Series with world-class reliability.



The Guardian Series is a ‘plug and play’ pre-assembled battery system, designed with solar installers in mind that is compliant with AS 5139 installation requirements and the Clean Energy Council’s ‘Best Practice Guide’. It supports a range of inverter/charger platforms and can be configured for both ‘AC Coupled’ and ‘DC Coupled’ solar installations, making it an extremely flexible platform.


High-Energy Density

Available in 4 models – 20 kWh, 25kWh, 38 kWh and 50 kWh, the Guardian is the highest energy density and smallest footprint pre-wired battery system available on the Australian market. Larger battery systems can be easily configured by paralleling multiple cabinets via an external DC busbar.


Price Competitive

The Guardian series is not only the safest, most reliable, and smartest battery storage system on the market but also one of the most price competitive. The Guardian series offers excellent value for money, making it an ideal choice for those looking to maximize the benefits of their solar installations.


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Powered By Polarium

Polarium is a Swedish company dedicated to providing the best performing, safe and sustainable energy storage solutions, built on lithium-ion technology.

Since introduction in 2019, Polarium batteries have quickly become an integral part of critical infrastructure across Australia. You can now find Polarium batteries providing reliable backup power to telecommunications networks, government & public safety networks, railway networks, power utilities and defence infrastructure.

Their durability and high performance, intelligence, and long lifespan make them an ideal choice for powering these essential services.

Solar Energy Australia is now pleased to be offering this same battery technology within our energy storage solutions.

Powered By Polarium Logo
Guardian LFPro Battery System

NEW - Guardian LFPro 20

20 kWh battery storage for off grid / fringe of grid households and businesses.

Guardian 38

38 kWh battery storage for off grid / fringe of grid households and businesses.

Guardian LFPro Battery System

NEW - Guardian LFPro 25

25 kWh battery storage for off grid / fringe of grid households and businesses.

Guardian 50

50 kWh battery storage for off grid / fringe of grid households and businesses.


Guardian LFPro 20

Guardian LFPro 25

Guardian 38

Guardian 50

Nominal Capacity1 [kWh]

20.4 kWh

25.6 kWh

38.1 kWh

50.8 kWh

Usable Energy @ 80% DOD [kWh]

16.38 kWh

20.48 kWh

30.48 kWh

40.64 kWh

Nominal Voltage [Vdc]

51.2 VDC

50.8 VDC


Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)

Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC)

Recommended Charge Voltage [Vdc]

54.4Vdc - 57.6Vdc

57.4 Vdc (SOC = 90%)

Recommended End of Discharge Voltage [Vdc]

50.2 Vdc

43.4 Vdc (SOC = 10%)

Discharge Current [Arms]

- Max. Peak (60 Seconds)

380 Arms

475 Arms

300 Arms

400 Arms

- Max Continuous

250 Arms

250 Arms

240 Arms

320 Arms

Rated DC Power2 [kW]

10.4 kW

12.3 kW

16.4 kW

Maximum Charge Current [Adc]





Pre-wired MCCB rating

2-Pole 250A

Efficiency (%)


Operating Ambient Temperature [°C]

- Charging

0°C to +50°C

- Discharging

-20°C to +50°C

-20°C to +60°C


- Battery Module

Natural Convection

- Cabinet

Thermostatically Controlled Fan

Electrical Safety

Complies to 'Best Practice Guide for Battery Storage Equipment - Electrical Satety Requirements - Version 1

Safety Standards

AS IEC62619, AS/NZS 62368-1, UN38.3

EMC Standards

RCM, ETSI EN 300 386 1.6.1 (2012-09)

Dimensions [mm]

685 mm (W) x 763 mm (D) x 1280 mm (H)

Weight [KG]

- Cabinet Only

200 KG

- Battery Modules Installed

360 KG

400 KG

393 KG

454 KG

Protection Class



Via Amphenol Surelok 10.3mm (pre-terminated cable supplied) + RJ45 (x4)

Supported Multimode Inverter Platforms

- CE+T


Sierra25 48/270

- Selectronic

SP Pro SPMC480-AU / SPMC481-AU / SPMC482-AU

SP Pro Series 2i - SPMC480-AU / SPMC481-AU / SPMC482-AU


Sunny Island 4.4M / 6.0H / 8.0H

- Victron Energy

EasySolar, MultiPlus, Quattro

MultiPlus / MultiPlus-II / Quattro

1 Based on discharge of 0.2C at 25°C to 40Vdc.
2 Based on nom. voltage at 25°C

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An off-grid battery system stores excess solar energy generated by your solar panels to be used during times when the sun isn't shining, providing reliable power even when disconnected from the grid.

An on-grid battery system, also known as a grid-tied battery system, works in conjunction with your existing grid-connected solar panels. It stores excess solar energy and can supply power during peak demand or grid outages, while also allowing you to feed excess energy back into the grid for credits or compensation. This system provides a balance between energy independence and the benefits of grid connectivity.

An off-grid battery system typically consists of solar panels, inverters, and batteries. Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, which is then stored in batteries as DC power. Inverters convert DC power to AC power for use in your home.

Off-grid battery systems offer energy independence, reduced reliance on the grid, lower electricity bills, and the ability to have power during grid outages or in remote locations.

The size of your battery storage system depends on your energy consumption, solar panel output, and the duration of backup power you require. Our network of approved solar installers can help you determine the appropriate size.

The duration of power depends on the capacity of the batteries, your energy usage, and whether it is an on grid or off grid set up. On grid battery systems typically offer a few hours of back-up power, while a Guardian Series Battery System is designed to provide off grid back-up power for multiple days when solar panels are not generating power due to inclement weather.

We recommend professional installation to ensure safety and optimal system performance. Our certified installers have the expertise to set up your system correctly.

Our off-grid battery systems utilise environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. The Polarium battery modules utilised in the Guardian Series are designed with safety features to prevent issues like overcharging and overheating.

Battery lifespan varies based on factors such as usage patterns, temperature, and maintenance. Solar Energy Australia only uses premium Polarium battery modules that can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years.

Yes, you can add more solar panels to increase your energy production, along with additional Guardian battery system cabinets to increase storage capacity as your needs change.

Your off-grid system will store excess energy from sunny days to use during cloudy periods. However, extended overcast conditions might reduce the amount of power available. Your solar installation expert can provide recommended solutions to ensure your off-grid system always provides power.

Your solar installer will provide an agreed maintenance schedule to ensure your battery system provides years of reliable power storage.

Yes, some off-grid systems can be integrated with generators to provide additional backup power during extended periods of low sunlight or high energy demand.

Incentives can vary by location. Check with local authorities or visit relevant government websites to learn about potential rebates, tax credits, or grants for installing off-grid solar and battery systems.

All Guardian Series products are back by a comprehensive 10-year warranty for your peace of mind. For full warranty details, click here.

Contact us today and one our experts will put you in touch with your locally approved Guardian Series Battery System installer. Your local installer will assess your energy needs, provide system options, and guide you through the entire process, from design to installation.

Solar Energy Australia is a manufacturer and does not offer direct sales to the public. For purchasing inquiries, please contact us at 1800 779 668 or contact us, and we will gladly recommend an approved Guardian Series installer in your area.

Yes, the Guardian Series is proudly Australian made and owned. We take pride in designing, engineering, and manufacturing our energy storage solutions locally in Sydney, Australia. This ensures the highest quality for our valued customers.

Yes, we are committed to providing excellent customer service and support. Our dedicated local support team is ready to assist you with any questions, concerns, or technical issues you may have. We aim to ensure a smooth and satisfying experience with our products.

Solar Energy Australia was established in 1996, and since then, we have accumulated over 25 years of valuable industry experience in the renewable energy and off-grid power sector.

  • Australian owned and operated manufacturer, with more than 25 years’ experience in the renewable energy sector.
  • Industry leading 10-year warranty with full transparency of what is covered. Australian owned and supported warranties.
  • Part of the Powerbox group of companies, who are specialists in the design and manufacture of power conversion and UPS equipment for Telecommunications, Railway, Defence and Utility applications.
  • Research & Development, Manufacturing & Warehouse facilities in Sydney, Australia.
  • Strategic partnership with Swedish battery manufacturer Polarium for development of Battery Storage System (BSS) products for the Australian market.
  • Dedicated team of engineers to support training, installation and commissioning, and total life support.
  • Solar Energy Australia products are only available through a registered partner network.

Absolutely. The battery modules fitted inside the Guardian Series are not only recyclable but also equipped with an advanced battery management system, making them one of the safest battery systems available in the market.

Each battery module in a Guardian Series incorporates an advanced built-in self-managed Battery Management System (BMS), providing multiple layers of protection and ensuring efficient battery management.

Yes, the Guardian Series is designed with scalability in mind. You can easily expand the capacity of your battery system to meet your growing energy storage needs. The Guardian Series offers flexibility and adaptability to accommodate future expansion.

Certainly! The Guardian Series is specifically designed for easy installation and maintenance in each model. The self-managed Battery Management System (BMS) ensures user-friendly operation, and our support team is available to assist with any inquiries or issues you may encounter.

Yes, the Guardian Series is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing solar or renewable energy systems. This allows you to efficiently store excess energy generated by your solar panels and utilise it as needed, maximising system efficiency and self-sustainability.

Pre-wired cabinets minimise on-site installation time by providing pre-built and tested gear trays and enclosures. They simplify the installation process, reducing complexity and saving both time and effort during system setup.

Yes, you can easily connect multiple Guardian Series cabinets in parallel to enhance your energy storage capacity. This provides the flexibility to meet changing energy demands and expand your system without hassle.

Monitoring is made easy through your chosen Power Conversion Equipment (PCE). By connecting a PC or laptop, you can monitor each of the cell strings inside the battery for effective management. Polarium battery modules are at the heart of every Guardian Series Battery System & record performance data at cell level to ensure optimal maintenance, improved efficiency and enhanced lifespan are achieved.

Yes, the Guardian Series is suitable for residential applications but also caters to commercial and industrial needs. They are designed to scale with your needs and adapt to your ever-changing energy requirements.

Yes, the Guardian Series Battery System has been designed specifically for off-grid solar applications.

For optimal battery lifespan, we do not recommend installing Guardian Series storage cabinets outdoors. Exposure to adverse weather conditions and temperature fluctuations can potentially reduce the battery’s lifespan, regardless of topology or brand.

To simplify the installation process, each of our storage cabinets come pre-wired with high-quality Australian components.

The Guardian Series Battery System is equipped with a built-in Battery Management System (BMS) from Polarium, with a nominal voltage of 48V. If you require a higher voltage battery, please contact Solar Energy Australia for further assistance.

Solar Energy Australia Guardian Series Battery System Brochure
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