Guardian LFPro 25




  • Powered by Swedish designed Polarium Lithium-ion battery modules
  • LFP Battery Chemistry
  • Safety First – 5 layers of embedded safety protection
  • Advanced Battery Management System (designed by Polarium)
  • Installer friendly – Plug and Play (Amphenol)
  • Inverter / Charger Agnostic
  • Seamless system communications 
  • Maintenance Free
  • AC and DC compatible


Guardian LFPro 25
Product Description

Guardian LFPro 25

Introducing the Guardian LFPro 25, a NEW addition to the Guardian Series lineup. Proudly Australian-made, this battery system embodies excellence in energy storage and reliability.

Powered by Polarium:
The Guardian LFPro 25 is powered by Swedish-engineered Polarium LFP Battery Modules, a name synonymous with exceptional quality and performance. With Polarium's intelligent battery management system built into each module, you can trust in its ability to deliver consistent, efficient power.

A Trusted Name in Critical Infrastructure:
Polarium lithium-ion batteries have earned the trust of critical infrastructure across Australia, providing reliable backup power when it matters most. The Guardian LFPro 20 inherits this legacy of dependability.

Safety as a Priority:
Safety is paramount with the Guardian LFPro Series. It comes standard with five layers of embedded safety measures, ensuring that your energy storage is as secure as possible.

Seamless Integration:
The Solar Inverter Interface enables a managed battery compatibility between Victron and SMA Inverters. Enjoy local monitoring via Bluetooth, a pre-charge circuit to assist with powering up large inverters, and protection against backfired/load dump scenarios.

Real-time Insights:
Stay in control with Smart Monitoring capabilities, offering real-time battery insights down to the cell level, giving you confidence in your energy management.

Efficient Installation:
With a pre-wired design, installation time and costs are significantly reduced, making it a versatile choice for both new solar installations and retrofitting existing ones.

Versatility for Any Setup:
The Guardian LFPro Series is suitable for both DC coupled and AC coupled solar installations, making it adaptable to your unique energy needs, whether on-grid or off-grid.

Modular Scalability:
As your power demands grow, the Guardian LFPro 20's modular, scalable design allows for easy expansion, ensuring it continues to meet your energy requirements.

Warranty and Support:
We stand behind our product with a 10-year warranty and provide local technical support from an Australian-owned and operated company with over 25 years of industry experience.

Excellence in Engineering:
Benefit from Australian and European engineering excellence that delivers unmatched value for your investment.

Cost of Ownership:
The Guardian LFPro Series is not only the safest, most reliable, and smartest battery storage system on the market but also one of the most price competitive. It truly offers excellent value for money, making it an ideal choice for those looking to maximize the benefits of their solar installations.

Choose the Guardian LFPro 20 for a reliable, efficient, and versatile energy storage solution, designed to empower your sustainable energy future.



Product Specifications


Electrical Characteristics


Guardian LFPro 20

Guardian LFPro 25

Nominal Capacity1 [kWh]

20.4 kWh

25.6 kWh

Usable Energy @ 80% DOD [kWh]

16.38 kWh

20.48 kWh

Nominal Voltage 

51.2 VDC


Lithium Iron Phosphate

Recommended Charge Voltage [Vdc]

54.4Vdc - 57.6Vdc

End-of-Discharge Voltage [Vdc]


Discharge Current [Arms]
Max. Peak (60 seconds)

380 Arms

475 Arms

Max. Peak Continuous

250 Arms

250 Arms

Discharge Current [Adc]
Max. Peak (<60 Seconds)



Rated Continuous DC Power [kW]


Maximum Charge Current [Adc]



Pre-wired MCCB rating

2-Pole 250A

Efficiency (%)


Environmental Characteristics

Operating Ambient Temperature Charging

0 to +50°C 

Operating Ambient Temperature Discharging

-20 to +50°C 

Battery Module

Natural Convection


Thermostatically Controlled Fan

Physical Characteristics

Weight [KG]
Cabinet Only

200 KG

Battery Modules Installed

360 KG

400 KG

Dimensions [w x d x l] mm

685 (w) x 763 (d) x 1280 (h) mm


Via Amphenol Surelok 10.3mm (pre-terminated cable supplied) + RJ45 (x4)

Safety & Compliance

Protection Class



10 Years

Inverter Compatibility

Victron Energy (EasySolar, MultiPlus, Quattro), Selectronic (SP Pro SPMC480-AU / SPMC481-AU / SPMC482-AU), SMA (Sunny Island 4.4M / 6.0H / 8.0H) , CE+T Power (Sierra 25)


1 Based on discharge of 0.2C at 25°C to 40Vdc. 2 Based on nom. voltage at 25°C. 3 When operated in accordance with warranty conditions.
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