All-Energy 2022

Derick Martins - National Renewables Manager - Solar Energy Australia

All-Energy 2022

It seems that All Energy 2022 was the place to be if you are a manufacturer or distributor of Solar Products. After missing the last 2 years, we all know about the ‘Spicy cough’. All Energy was back with a vengeance. Bigger than ever, All-Energy was open and the crowds turned out in droves, or did they?

With over 290 exhibitors, there was plenty to see and learn. From solar panels to panel mounting, from Government bodies to STC trading. There was a variety of products with one category a clear standout – BATTERY STORAGE. 142 Exhibitors, nearly 50% were promoting energy storage in one form or another, lithium chemistries being the clear winner.

There were the expected usual suspects exhibiting with all the bells and whistles. At one end of the scale, One Stop Warehouse and Fronius shared the mantle for the biggest stands. Giveaways, mascots, big screen TV’s. Sales teams grabbing anyone and everyone walking past they were certainly doing a great job of making sure their investment was well supported. The other end of the scale saw relatively unknown business’, many from overseas, with wares on display, a conscious effort to break into the Australian market.

If anyone made a quick return on their investment, and the most popular stalls  would have to be the coffee shops. The 4 large café’s in the middle of the exhibition were mostly packed out with lines of eager sales people getting their caffeine hit before putting on the sales hat and sprooking what is the best product in the market with the best customer service and long warranties!

There were plenty of new product releases, mostly with increased panel sizes and different BESS systems in all shapes and sizes. However, there were no eye-opening technologies that could potentially revolutionise the market, not that I saw anyway. Not like when supercapacitors hit the market and then disappeared just as quickly………

While in the hustle and bustle of suits and brand-new polo shirts with well thought out branding, there was one clear factor missing from All Energy. If you stop, and take a breath and have a good look around, where were the steel capped work boots? The sparkies, the electricians and the installers were few and far between. I’m not saying they weren’t there, there were tradesmen there genuinely looking for new products, something to give them a competitive edge, better pricing and confront various brands about warranties. I’m not sure the credit card came out to but a batter energy storage system!

In summary, congratulations to the organisers for putting together All-Energy 2022, all in all a fantastic event. Catching up with acquaintances and friends from all over Australia. Having a beer and a bite to eat after hours and getting to experience the Melbourne weather, yes it rained almost non stop. Always fantastic to see the passion within the industry!

Derick Martins

National Renewables Manager - Solar Energy Australia