Solar Energy Australia Inverters

SEA SS Series Hardworking Solar Inverter

3kW, 4kW & 4.6kW

High Efficiency – with rapid response to changing conditions.

The Solar Energy Australia SS Series

Provides a flexible, modern inverter solution for domestic net-metered installations in Australia & New Zealand. Economically priced, the SS range features very high conversion efficiency without sacrificing reliability.

At the same time, end users can have confidence in the inverters as they are backed by established manufacturer S.E.A.

The Australian based S.E.A. service centre has been supporting our range of inverters for nearly two decades.

The compact form factor of the SS series makes for easy outdoor installations, whilst the user-friendly icon based graphic display provides end users with an easy quick overview of system performance.

This means home owners don't have to contact installers to understand how to access basic information.

Major Features

    Maximum Efficiency up to 97.8%.
    European Efficiency up to 97.4%.
    MPPT Efficiency over 99.5% Safety and Reliability . True IP65 unit with low noise & THDi less than 1%.
    45°C full-load output – with linear de-rating from 45 degrees to 60°C ambient.
    Backed up by established & long standing service centre in Australia .
    External AS5033 compliant alarm from January 2013.
    Super large 4" LCD icon based display.
    Plug and play communication interface.
    USB cable included.