Omega Sununo Solar Inverters

Introducing Omega Sununo TL5K Solar Inverter

DUAL MPPT On-Grid Single phase Solar inverter


High Efficiency With Rapid Response

Solar Energy Australia is proud to introduce the dual tracking SAJ Sununo TL5K to our OMEGA range of competitive grid connected inverters.

Whilst many commercial applications can be done with a single MPPT, for residential jobs complex roof shapes require the flexibility of two MPP trackers. If three trackers are required, the SEA Orion 4.6 Outdoor is still available.

With a relatively wide MPP tracking range, and high input currents, the SAJ Sununo TL5K works well with popular 250W & 265W large area solar module.

Sununo inverters have been independently assessed by Photon magazine as the No.1 dual input inverter 5kW in high irradiation conditions (May 2012 issue), and feature a high rade of components from name brand suppliers like Panasonic, Nippon Chemicon & Infineon. The careful choice of parts results from SAJ's many years of experience manufacturing various types of inverters, in contrast to many new players in the market.

At the same time, end users can have confidence in the inverters as they are backed by established manufacturer S.E.A. The Australian based S.E.A. service centre has been supporting our range of inverters for nearly two decades.

Major Features

    Maximum Efficiency up to 97.71%.
    European Efficiency up to 97.1%.
    MPPT Efficiency over 99%.
    2 x MPP trackers for complex roof shapes.
    Fan-less operation.
    True IP65 unit with low noise & THDi less than 1% .
    45°C full-load output – with linear de-rating from 45°C to 60°C ambient.
    User friendly LCD display.