Repair Procedures - Stand Alone Inverters

Solar Energy Australia provides inverters that meet the highest quality standards.

In the event of inverter failure and/or breakdown Solar Energy Australia (SEA.) is committed to do everything to support customers getting their inverter working again as soon as possible.


Inverter doesn't work?

Please contact SEA Service Centre by telephone (02) 9457 2277 or via email

In case the inverter has to be repaired, please complete the Return Material Request form and submit.

SEA will issue a RMA (Return Material Authorization) number and forward it to you. After receiving the RMA number, please ship the defective device to SEA..

SEA will repair the unit at the Sydney Repair Centre and return it to your attention.

For repairs not covered by the product warranty, SEA will forward a repair quotation before starting the repair.

Solar Energy Australia will verify the information and forward a Return Material Authorisation (RMA) Number. After receiving the defective unit at SEA, the unit will be tested and a quotation for repair will be forwarded. In case no failure is found, a flat rate of $ 60 (plus shipping and handling and GST) will be charged.

In case of any question, please contact the SEA Service Centre.