Stand Alone / Off Grid Inverters

The Piccolo is a clear leader in class

Providing 150W and 250W units.

Compact and Rugged .

Providing 150W and 250W units, the Piccolo range is the clear leader in its class, and is one of the smallest and most reliable True Sinewave inverters available today.

Being compact and rugged, these inverters are often found installed under car seats (providing power for a mobile office) or in motorhomes.

Simple to use, this unit has proven itself over the years as one of the best performing and most reliable models in the small inverter market – important when you are far from anywhere.

You will enjoy the surge performance of this unit, which will easily outperform competing products with higher name-plate ratings. High surge allows it to run most televisions and a variety of small refrigerators (24V model).

The tiny battery draw of just 0.17 amps (12-volt model) maximises battery life between charging, whilst high conversion efficiency helps you get the most out of every charge.

Major Features

    Sine wave output runs all appliances.
    Compact size
    Outstanding reliability.
    Thermostatically controlled fan keeps unit cooler.
    Dual coloured LED status indicator.
    Simple to connect—simply plug into the cigarette lighter (12-volt model).
    Continuously rated—delivers the power you pay for.
    No electrician required for installation.
    Available as 12V 150W & 24V 250W.