Renewable Energies Storage Solutions

Solar Power When You Need It


Leclance battery modules are the solution to safe and efficient usage of renewable energies.

The Application

With its lithium-titanate technology combined with the patented ceramic separator, the HS 3200 achieves at 3.2 kWh, a service life-time of expected 10 years at 15,000 cycles and 100% DoD (usage within specifications is required).

The HS 3200 is therefore ideally aligned to the service life-time of a typical rooftop photovoltaic unit.

Through the use of Leclanche's energy storage modules, a 30% increase of the private consumption can be reached.

With a cost increase during the last 10 years of about 60% and at least 7% in the last two years, the HS 3200 can help to freeze costs therefore a significant savings to the end user.

Of course, all batteries fulfil the typical safety and application standards and are certified accordingly.