Involar Microinverter MAC250A

IP65 High Efficiency Transformerless Solar Inverter

Maximise DC energy harvest, reduce power loss from shade, dust and debris. With eGate Monitoring System

Microinverters have gained importance with the new rules around DC conduit. SEA has been testing a variety of micro-inverters for some years now, and have selected INVOLAR Microinverters as part of our product offering.

INVOLAR micro inverters can be supplied with an eGate monitoring system to give your customer the ability to monitor performance over the internet. It is also possible to order an optional kWh meter for installation at ground level.

The INVOLAR MAC250 Microinverter offers the latest technology in power inverters. Each Microinverter is connected to one PV module in the solar panel array. Unlike conventional Inverters, in the event of single panel failure the remaining panels continue to produce power.

By performing Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) at PV module level, INVOLAR Microinverters minimise the effects of shading, debris, snow, panel orientation differences and mismatches or PV module aging, improving the system's energy harvest and customer income by an average of 16% over the system lifetime.

These advantages in combination with a much longer product warranty, enables an INVOLAR Microinverter system to greatly improve the end customer's return on investment, system interactivity and overall investment satisfaction.

Major Features

    Increased lifetime and reliability (double lifetime).
    No single-point failure with system availability of 99%.
    Maximised energy harvest (Average +16%).
    Reduced power loss with shade, dust and debris.
    Simple design, with Plug and Play chain installation.
    Improved safety with no high voltage hazards .
    No indoor bulky and noisy inverter unit.
    Internet 24h smart monitoring for each PV module.