Stand Alone / Off Grid Inverters

High Output Stand-alone Inverter

Everest 2000-3800W Inverters.

Suitable where Multiple Appliances are Required.

The pinnacle of our Solar Stand Alone Inverter range, the SEA Everest is suitable where multiple appliances are required to work at one time.

Great surge ratings allow large sized motors to be easily started.The Everest series offers great value for money.

The Everest Solar Inverter range maintains the finesse of our smaller models while providing more power.

These units set the standard in efficiency for large inverters, and when it comes to reliability, the SEA Everest Solar Inverter is rock solid. The build quality is exceptional and provides safety, reliability and low radio interference.

Three 3800-watt units can be coupled together to give 3-phase power. The SEA Everest Solar Inverter range is our most popular series for domestic homes.

Major Features

    Sine wave output runs all appliances.
    Continuously rated
    3 x LED indicators.
    Optional remote shutdown switch.
    Adjustable load-detection.
    Extra-heavy duty, low loss battery cables.
    Fast and flexible installation.
    Optional safety switch/AC circuit breaker.
    Non-corrosive chassis.
    3-phase output available.
    Isolated output.