Delta RPI Series Solar Inverters

Delta RPI M8A Solar Inverters


Three Phase / Dual MPPT high efficiency inverter for commercial applications

The Delta RPI Commercial Series offers Ultra-wide operating voltage range from 200-1000V allows greater flexibility in string configuration. Even under harsh environmental conditions, the wide MPPT range makes it easy to configure PV arrays to stay


Major Features

    Dual MPPT
    High efficiency 98.3%
    Wide working voltage range
    IP65 protection level
    LCD display
    Built-in AC/DC Switch
    DC relay protection
    Ultra light weight protection
    Optional WiFi* / Ethernet(Available 2016)


    Optional Communication Protocols

    The inverter comes with standard RS485 communication port. Optional WiFi / Ethernet communication port can be easily enhanced and gives more convenience and flexibility in monitoring system design. For example, the free Delta Insight Power Monitoring webpage display the output data in a clear manner so that you can see how much solar energy the system is generating and has fed into the public grid at any time you want to see.


    In order to ensure the safety during installation, the inverter equips wtih an AC/DC switch which is design to manually cut off both AC & DC power sources from internal circuit at the same time. When turn off the switch, the AC AUX Power inside will detect the movement, and internal DSP will execute AC protection mechanism program, and cut off AC realy & DC relay at the same time. Thus, the inverter will be completely power off which will prevent any possibility of installer getting an electric shock.


    Warranty & Technical Support

    Delta was the first brand to offer 10 year warranty as standard across its entire range of PV inverters in Australia and New Zealand. This warranty is backed by the world's largest power electronics company, a global leader in electronics manufacturing. Delta's state-of-the-art production facilities and quality control ensure the highest level of reliability and longevity of our inverters, while our local office and dedicated service team provide the very best technical and engineering support.