Stand Alone / Off Grid Inverters

Muscle in a compact size.


Compact and Rugged.

When your need for power starts to get serious, SEA Bolero Solar Stand Alone Inverter provides muscle in a compact size.

Its specifically designed, low mechanical profile is slim enough to fit under vehicle seats, yet SEA Bolero Solar Inverter provides up to 1100 watts of continuous power.

A 3-mm thick aluminium base with a powder-coated cover protects the SEA Bolero inverter from the elements. Generous 5-minute ratings allow short-term use of small microwave ovens. A 10 amp power point is fitted as standard, hardwiring is optional.

Major Features

    Sine wave output runs all appliances.

    Compact size

    Continuously rated to deliver the power you pay for.

    Thermostatically controlled fan keeps unit cooler.

    Dual LED status indicators.

    Excellent 5-minute ratings.

    Fitted with extra-heavy duty, low loss battery cables.

    Unit can be hardwired.

    Adjustable load-detection circuit.

    DC circuit breaker incorporated for safety.

    Isolated output.