Renewable Energies Storage Solutions

neeoQube and neeoSystem

IT's solar made even smarter

intelligent lithium-ion battery storage solution for home solar power systems

neeoQube lithium-ion battery storage

The neeoQube is an innovative and efficient lithium-ion battery storage solution, uniquely designed to cleverly store excess power produced by your solar system during the day, so you can use it however and whenever you like, even at night.

With storage capacity of 5.5kw/h, the neeoQube is ideally suited to maximise efficiency of new or pre-existing solar PV systems up to 5kw. With the inclusion of a neeoQube, create, store and utilise greater than 70% of energy produced by your solar PV system. As a result, reducing electricity demands from your energy provider and maximising return on your investment.

    High performance lithium-ion battery storage
    Plug & play installation
    10 year guarantee
    High cycle life
    Extremely compact design
    Award winning technology
    Up to 20 years service life
    Intrinsically safe (two-pole switch-off in case of fault)
    Integrated fanless cooling
    Integrated battery management
    State of charge determination
    Charge balance between the cells
    Voltage and temperature monitoring
    Determination of age status
    CAN communication with the charger
    No memory effect = unrestricted partical cycling

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The neeoSystem offers just the right combination of storage and flexibility for those who have greater energy demands. The ready to operate neeoSystem comes in five configurable forms. The modular based system is configured for extendable storage capacity, allowing the system to grow with your home's future energy requirements.

Current neeoSystem configurations include storage of: 5.5kWh, 11kWh, 16.5kWh, 22kWh & 27kWh

    High performance lithium-ion battery storage
    10 year guarantee
    High cycle life at high currents
    Extremely compact design
    Up to 20 years service life
    Scaleable system design with up to 5 neeoRacks
    Integrated battery management
    Unrestricted partial cycling (no memory effect)
    Fast charging: fully charged in one hour

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